Core Activities


Our core activities are:

  • Supplying packaging products for foods and manufacturing industries.
  • Commodity trading like-Currency Purchase & Metal Trading.
  • Supplying Bio Gas and Energy Efficient Products.
  • ERP Software development.




Eircorp was founded in 2010 with a focus on supplying affordable, sustainable and high-quality packaging to the food and manufacturing industry. Since then we have evolved into a broad-based company offering a variety of services including commodity trading, software development, supplying biogas and energy efficient products. Did we say we supply by-products used in making pet food as well? Stick around and get an insight into the amazing things we do at Eircorp!

Our Business

our business

  • Supplying packaging products for foods and manufacturing industries.
  • Commodity trading like- Currency Purchase.

Eircorp offers all of its customers fantactic credit options on all of its purchases and and a rebate at the end of the year for all purchases made. There is not many companies offering financial services and rebates to its customers, Thats not all we offer financial options on your sales interest free if you are our customer up to €100,000. We have helped some of our customers with difficult seasons as we know very well the all business has its bad season.


Eircorp is proud to say that it has no debts no mortgages, a new facility with 4 warehouses, Investment into a brand new purpose built facility, In 2012 Eircorp looked into the future and made a very risky descision and purchased 7 acres of prime land without planning permission to build a world class trading facility, We are at stage 2 of 5, Planning has been aproved and foundations are in, ESB installed the 3mw power plant required to run this mega facility.

Eircorp has achieved so much since it has begun business in 2010. Be a partner and lets grow together.